Volunteers needed for Bio-Engineering Study

We are seeking volunteers for a study that seeks to evaluate your bladder

$10 Peet’s Coffee gift cards for first 50 volunteers.


    1. What is the Procedure? How much time will it take?

      Come to the laboratory with a full bladder and empty your bladder, privately, into a receptacle. You will also be asked to wear our device before and after emptying your bladder. The entire process is expected to take about 20mins.

    2.  What is your Device? How does it look?

      Our device is a  non-invasive, wearable sensor placed on the lower abdomen. It’s a combination of Infrared LEDs and photodiodes.

      The probe is placed on the lower abdomen of the volunteer and the device is connected to a laptop to gather data.
    3. Is it safe?

      Infrared is the same technology that the iPhone X uses for FaceID or what your TV remote uses to control the TV. So yes it’s completely safe.

    4. What do I get for participating in the study?

      The study is focussed on helping patients who suffer from neurogenic bladder dysfunction and lack the sensation and control of their bladder. Your participation will help in moving this research. Also, we are giving away $10 Peet’s Coffee gift cards for first 50 volunteers.

    5. Ok, I am interested. How do I participate?

      Write an email to [email protected] and we will reach out to you.

    6. On the day of the study where do I come?

      Our lab is located at 2236, Kemper Hall. Note: Room 2236 is on the 2R floor, not 2 floor.