Dan Fong

  • PHD’20
  • Dissertation Title: A Clinically-ready, Non-invasive Transabdominal Fetal Pulse Oximeter

Rasta Moeinzadeh

  • MS’20
  • First Position: TI
  • Dissertation Title: Simulation of Photon Propagation in Tissue during Pregnancy

Felix Portillo

  • MS’20

Jameson Thies

  • MS’20
  • First Position: Intel

Mohammad Motamedi

  • PhD’19
  • First Position: NVidia
  • Dissertation Title: Efficient Inference using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Resource-Constrained Platforms

Alejandro Velazquez Alcantar

  • MS ’18
  • First Position:

Prashant Gupta

Oleksiy Budilovsky


Sachin Kumawat

  • MS’17
  • First Position: Xilinx
  • Dissertation Title: An OpenCL Framework for Real-time Inference of Next-Generation Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs

Philipp Gysel

  • MS’16
  • First Position: Qualcomm
  • Dissertation Title: Ristretto: Hardware-Oriented Approximation of Convolutional Neural Networks

Nicholas Hosein

  • MS’15
  • First Position: Startup

Bo Wu

  • MS’15
  • First Position: Startup

Mohammad H. Foroozannejad

  • PhD’15
  • First Position: Intel
  • Dissertation Title: Advances in Streaming Software Synthesis for Manycore Processor Platforms.

Matin Hashemi

  • PhD’11
  • First Position: Sharif University of Technology
  • Dissertation Title: Automated Software Synthesis for Streaming Applications on Embedded Manycore Processors.

Faisal Khan

  • MS’11
  • First Position: Altera

Volodymyr Khibin

  • MS’11
  • First Position: Intel

Trevor Hodges

  • MS’09
  • First Position: Serra

Adam Harbour