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Design Space Exploration of FPGA-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Abstract Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNN) have proven to be very effective in many pattern recognition applications, such as image classification and speech recognition. Due to their computational complexity, DCNNs demand implementations that utilize custom hardware accelerators to meet performance and energy-efficiency constraints. In this paper, we propose an FPGA-based accelerator architecture which leverages all sources of parallelism in DCNNs. We develop analytical feasibility and...
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Data Parser in Caffe

This document briefly explains how to use the parser of the Caffe code base in order to read and parse the specifications of neural networks. Caffe's text file format for specifying models uses Google Protocol Buffer format. The code that actually reads a model can be found in src/caffe/util/io.cpp: bool ReadProtoFromTextFile(const char* filename, Message* proto) { int fd = open(filename, O_RDONLY); CHECK_NE(fd, -1) << "File not found: " << filename; FileInputStream* inpu...
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